The Solomon Leadership Program selects a diverse body of teenagers who volunteer in their local community, school, church or synagogue, or otherwise demonstrate their future leadership potential.

Through Solomon’s multi-dimensional program, students, known as Fellows within the program, grow to understand their personal value and potential as leaders. Our curated curriculum, successful mentor role-models, and inspiring renowned guest speakers give participants a broad perspective on leadership and success. This enables Fellows to envision themselves as future leaders, giving them the motivation to pursue their goals on their leadership journey.

Our three-prong approach centers around the Eight Pillars of Leadership, the eight skills and values that are essential to being an effective, moral, and just leader. Each session focuses in depth on a single Pillar, giving Fellows a comprehensive understanding of both its essence and its application in real life.

Our Story

In 2015, Mr. Larry Sosnow, a successful businessman and philanthropist living in Palm Beach, who was already deeply involved in the community, as he had been when he lived in New York years ago,  joined the Palm Beach Synagogue.

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner suggested his becoming active with youth and teens, realizing that only by influencing the children of today can change be affected over the long term.

Recognizing the problems seen in all areas of leadership today, Mr. Sosnow and Rabbi Scheiner together created the concept of a leadership program geared towards tomorrow’s leaders— the teens who already exhibit leadership potential and are active in their communities.

Drawing on his college years, when a mentor took the young Larry under his wing and ultimately influenced his career path to success, Mr. Sosnow sought to combine the concepts of ethical leadership and mentor guidance, specifically geared towards teens. By joining forces with Rabbi Scheiner and the Palm Beach Synagogue, the Peres Leadership Program, now known as the Solomon Leadership Program, was born.

In addition to the Pilot Chapter in the Palm Beach Synagogue serving Palm Beach County, Florida, since 2016, new chapters have opened in Bal Harbour, Ft. Lauderdale, and Parkland, Florida. As the program looks towards the future, it anticipates opening chapters across the country in the next few years in congregations looking to serve teenage leaders in their communities.

The Solomon Leadership Program operates as a partnership of The Sosnow Foundation and Palm Beach Synagogue. Students, known as Fellows within the program, join at no cost. This allows teens from all demographics the opportunity to apply and participate without financial stress.

Board Of Directors

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner
Founder, Chairman, & Spiritual Director
Lawrence Sosnow
Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Stephen G. Canton
Sarah Dworcan
President & CEO
Eileen Berman
Board Member
Todd Michael Glaser
Board Member
Michael B. Greenwald
Board Member
Thomas Iovino
Board Member
Paul J. Kozloff
Board Member
Robert Posner
Board Member
Ronnie C. Simpson
Board Member
Lester Woerner
Board Member

Management Team

Miriam Taylor
Educational Director
Chana Touger
Director of Operations
Dr. Art Johnson
Brookie Blasberg
Chapter Liaison