Student Eligibility and Application Process

The Solomon Leadership Program is open to all 11th and 12th grade students who aspire to be leaders in their communities and are active in their schools, houses of worship, and extracurricular activities. Students who hold, or have held, leadership positions, or volunteer regularly receive preferred status in the applicant pool. Once an application is received, the student will be emailed to schedule an interview. Accepted students will receive a Welcome Letter into the program.


Prior to each meeting, Fellows review a curriculum module, which contains a curated collection of stories, video links, and news articles relevant to that meeting’s Pillar. Each section contains questions which ask Fellows to thoughtfully consider and discuss what they have just read. Thus, when Fellows arrive at the session, they are prepared to better appreciate the guest speaker and have profound conversations with their mentors about that session’s Pillar.

Our Mentors

Our Mentors are the key to our success. The relationships that students form with their mentors and the life experience and wisdom that mentors share with students are invaluable and the most unique aspect of the Solomon Leadership Program. Leaders in their industries, our mentors were handpicked not only for their personal success, but for their outstanding values and exemplary moral conduct.

After the guest speaker concludes their presentation, participants are divided into small groups. Each group is joined by their mentor. During the discussion hour, the mentor will augment that session’s Pillar through exploration of real life challenges faced by the mentor and students, continued discussion of the speaker’s presentation, and in-depth review of the curriculum module that the students completed.

Guest Speakers

Every session begins by featuring a guest speaker from the chapter’s local community. Guest speakers come from across the professional spectrum, including doctors, CEOs, various government positions, public servants, and more. Each speaker discusses his or her personal experience as a teenager, and their journey to leadership, as it relates to the value explored in that Pillar. Guest speakers provide personal, real life, examples which are relevant to the Pillar, and open the floor for Q&A, giving Fellows the opportunity to truly understand how leaders from all professions use their positions to make a difference.

Final Project and Graduation

Throughout the program, Fellows are evaluated on their understanding and implementation of the values and skills discussed at each session. At the end of the eight sessions, Fellows produce an essay and visual presentation about their experience in the Solomon Leadership Program. The program culminates with a formal Graduation and Awards Ceremony, to which Fellows’ families are invited.

College Accreditation

During the 2017-18 session, the Solomon Leadership Program worked closely with The MacArthur School of Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University to accredit our course. We are proud to announce that Solomon is now an accredited program worth three college credits. Our accreditation truly speaks to the educational value and integrity of the Solomon Leadership Program. These college credit are approved by SACS, the foremost accreditation body in the United States, and are transferable to any US college.


Your child is now part of an elite group of students, selected because he or she has exhibited the potential to be a future leader and influencer in the greater community. Students who join our program often have many other commitments. We ask you to please take a few moments to look over the Student handbook so you are aware of all future times, dates, and program expectations. This will enable your child to make the most of our Program!

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