Each of the Program sessions is centered around a Pillar—one of the eight skills and values that are essential for effective and moral leaders. The Pillar is explored through three different lenses: the curriculum, guest speaker, and mentor. These three parts build upon each other to form a layered, fully developed understanding of each Pillar, and of leadership overall.

The first step for every Pillar is our written curriculum, which is based on the Socratic Method of critical thinking. Prior to the session, Fellows complete a curriculum module that allows them to critically examine their beliefs and presuppositions relating to that session’s Pillar. Each module contains a curated collection of news stories, anecdotes, and TED talks that explore and demonstrate the skills, values, and nuances integral to each Pillar. Questions following each section of the module give Fellows the opportunity to think deeply about their personal perspectives and organize their thoughts in preparation for the session. When Fellows arrive at each session, they are prepared to fully absorb the life lessons delivered by the guest speaker and contribute meaningfully to the round table discussion with their mentor and group.