NOV 14 2017

All great initiatives begin with an idea. But an idea is not enough. There needs to be a vision. This session will explore the components needed for a sound leadership vision and explain why a vision is so important.


DEC 5 2017

Ever wonder how Google works? The Google search engine, which was founded in 1998, quickly rose to dominate the search market. Currently, over 70% of all searches are done on Google. What is their secret? How did Google become so successful?


JAN 9 2018

What kind of phone do you have? Perhaps it’s an iPhone, or an Android, or a Galaxy. I doubt it's a Blackberry. Believe it or not, just a few years ago, the Blackberry was the leading phone on the market. What changed?


FEB 13 2018

What kind of obstacles are companies facing that make it so difficult to achieve diversity? How can diversity help a business grow and succeed?