Leadership Post Session

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Room was neat and clean; all elements such as chairs, tables, check-in table, podium, and refreshments were ready 1 hour prior to session start time.
  • Chapter Director and Administrator were at the session, neatly dressed (and tucked in, if applicable), and wearing Solomon lanyard. Staff sat in the audience and was attentive during the Leadership Panel.
  • Fellows were dressed neatly in business casual attire. No denim or sweatshirts. All Fellows wore their Solomon lanyard.
  • Mentors were engaged during the Panel and answered questions appropriately. Fellows were engaged during the Panel, ready with questions, and listened to the answers.
  • Mentors seemed prepared upon arrival and did not spend the Guest Speaker Hour reading the curriculum. Mentors engaged with their Fellows during the Mentor Hour, were able to carry the discussion and provide prompts. Fellows seemed engaged with the Mentor during the Mentor Hour.
  • Fellows were attentive and respectful during the Mentor Hour. They had their binders open and participated in the group discussion. They had attentive body language (eye contact, leaning towards the group, etc.) during the hour. They did not look at their phones, turn away from the table, or put their heads down.
  • Feel free to provide as many quotes as you’d like, preferably one per mentor.