Our Mentors

Our Mentors are the key to our success. The relationships that students form with their mentors and the life experience and wisdom that mentors share with students are invaluable and the most unique aspect of the Solomon Leadership Program. Leaders in their industries, our mentors were handpicked, not only for their personal success, but for their outstanding values and exemplary moral conduct.

Aventura Chapter
Mr. Louis Berlin
Dr. John Cogan
Mrs. Fanny Haim
Mr. Rotem Rodrig
Mrs. Dana Yemin Schrager
Bal Harbour Chapter
Mr. Daniel Belecan
Mr. Jacob Bengio
Mr. Errol Feldman
Mrs. Dina Kranz
Mrs. Ianna Raim
Dr. Sarah Rosanel
Mr. Abraham Rosenfeld
Mr. Jeffrey Wolf
Fort Lauderdale Chapter
Honorable Judge Shari Africk-Olefson
Mr. Michael Higer
Mr. Andy Rosen
Dr. Murray Zedeck
Monmouth Chapter
Major Joshua Zager
Mr. David S. Baker
Mr. Ira Eckstein
Mrs. Laurie A. Hesslein
Mr. Carl P. Gross
Montreal Chapter
Warren Chisling
Benjamin Chokron
Martine Cohen
Frédéric Dayan
David Diner
Ilana Edery
Oren Gabbay
Muriel Librati
Dean Mendel
Dave Merovitz
Palm Beach Chapter
Howard L. Blum
Paul Kozloff
Sally Ann Nisberg
Betsy R. Sheerr
Miriam Silverman
Major General Ronald D. Silverman
Ronnie C. Simpson
Honorable Judge Lisa Small
Parkland Chapter
Mr. Dustin Bezalel
Mrs. Debbie Gober
Dr. Brian Levy
Mr. Gary Mintz
Mrs. Joanie Mintz
Mr. Bennett Schwartz