Judgment Essay Question

The stories you have just read demonstrate individuals using their moral compasses to make decisions.

In an essay, discuss the importance of a moral compass and how your morals guide you. When have you needed to use your moral compass to make a Judgment call? When have you truly felt it was a challenge to do the right thing?

Consider the following questions when writing your essay, but do not base your entire essay on the examples. Make sure to elaborate on your own moral compass.

How do the values of humility and altruism contribute to justice and good Judgment? VW, Chiune Sugihara, and the Australian troops all broke the law with different repercussions. Does the moral basis for committing the crime matter? What are the differences between their actions? Katherine Gallo and her staff made life-or-death decisions. How did having a moral compass influence her tough decisions? What do you think caused VW to make the decisions it did? If you were an employee at VW, with lots of pressure from your supervisors, how do you hope you would have acted? Does a law-abiding leader still need a personal set of morals?