Palm Beach Chapter
Rabbi Moshe Scheiner
The founding Rabbi of Palm Beach Synagogue and the Maimonides Leadership Institute, Rabbi Scheiner holds a Masters degree of Talmudic studies and Jewish philosophy from the Rabbinical College of America. He received his rabbinic ordination at the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva.
Lawrence Sosnow
A successful entrepreneur, he founded and or helped develop ventures in health care services and technology, from start-up to their IPO or sale. Also, involved in community work, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Norton Art Museum, where, as co-chairman of its Physical Facilities Committee since 2016, he oversaw the expansion of the Norton’s new Norman Foster-designed award-winning museum.
Executive Director
Sarah Dworcan
Born and raised in South Africa, Ms. Dworcan has been involved in education and leadership training for close to a decade. While pursuing her medical career, she co-founded Jnetic, an organization focused on education and awareness of genetic diseases. She is the Executive Director of Palm Beach Synagogue and Solomon Leadership Program. She lives in West Palm Beach with her husband Yossi and son Eli.
Miriam Taylor
Originally from New York, Mrs. Taylor has worked as a counselor, leader, and teacher to middle and high school age students for almost 16 years. She has written numerous programming and academic curricula that are nationally recognized. She is the Therapy Coordinator for the largest Jewish Day School in the southeast and the Educational Director for Solomon Leadership Program. She lives in Plantation, Florida with her husband and six children.
Dr. Art Johnson
Professor of Leadership & Organizational Development, The Catherine T. MacArthur School of Leadership, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Dr. Johnson has worked in many higher education settings in his career, holding various positions of responsibility. He has taught for eight universities and is the owner of a successful consulting business. His firm has provided consulting services to the healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, law enforcement, transportation, banking, non-profit and service industries. He is also known to make a great cheesecake.
Bal Harbour Chapter
Rabbi Zalman Lipskar
Born in Miami to his illustrious parents, Rabbi Sholom and Chani Lipskar, Rabbi Zalman Lipskar was educated at the Rabbinical College in Manchester, England and then at the Lubavitch Rabbinical College in Montreal, Canada and later served as a Shliach apprentice in South Africa. He was ordained in the Central Lubavitch Rabbinical College at 770 Eastern Parkway.

He co-founded a venture philanthropy-based company benefiting national charities and presently serves as Associate Rabbi at the Shul of Bal Harbour. In his role as an inspirational leader and innovative strategist, Rabbi Zalman has proven his ability to cultivate an environment for a financially strong and spiritually connected Jewish community.
Rabbi Farkash
Rabbi Farkash graduated with a master’s degree in Rabbinic studies. He combines his knowledge and passion for Judaism, along with his leadership qualities, to create the most creative, effective and up and coming youth and teen programs.
Rabbi Farkash and Deby live in Miami, Florida with their three beautiful children.
Fellow Liaison
Mendel Schwartz
Mendel Schwartz grew up in Boston, MA, where he developed an early interest and passion for Jewish outreach. After studying in many different schools and yeshivas around the world, Mendel now lives in Bal Harbour, Florida where he helps The Shul with teens, youth, education, and programs.
Parkland Chapter
Rabbi Shuey Biston
Rabbi Shuey Biston grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and attended Yeshiva in Brunoy, France, Kiryat Gat, Israel and the Rabbinical College of America in New Jersey . Rabbi Biston received his rabbinical ordination from the Chief Chabad Rabbi of Israel and served as an apprentice Rabbi, educating and inspiring communities in Sydney, Australia, and Malibu, California.

Rabbi Biston is the rabbi of the Chabad of Parkland Center for Jewish Life, where his refreshing approach to Judaism has helped cultivate a beautiful and spirited Jewish community.
Mendel Friedman
Mendel was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He completed his advanced yeshiva studies in New York, Florida, and Brunoy, France. He has extensive experience in organizing and directing community programming, cultivated around the world in various yeshiva internships. Mendel is excited to bring the Solomon Leadership Program to the Parkland community.
Aventura Chapter
Rabbi Eliezer Wolf
Rabbi Eliezer Wolf was born and raised in Australia. He pursued advanced Rabbinic education in England, Israel, and New York.

He serves as the senior Rabbi and Executive Director of Beit David Highland Lakes Shul.

Above all, Rabbi Wolf is an educator and mentor. Founder of Kavanah, he combines the ancient legal and spiritual wisdoms of Judaism together with modern science and philosophy, to impart a worldview which fosters a happy and purposeful life. He lives in Aventura with his wife and five children.
Tzippy Romero
Tzippy Romero was born and raised in Florida. She attended Nova Southeastern University for special education and is completing her Master's in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Tzippy's professional experience has always been in education and programming, and she is excited to cultivate the spirit and leadership of our local youth with the Solomon Program. She lives in Aventura with her husband and three children.
Fort Lauderdale Chapter
Devorah Kaplan
After spending 2 years studying and touring abroad, Devorah graduated from Seminary in Yerres, France with her European Pedagogue degree. She immediately began teaching full-time, until 2000, when she moved to Fort Lauderdale with her husband, Rabbi Schneur Kaplan, and their young son, embarking on the mission to share her love for learning and her passion for teaching. She opened a Hebrew school and runs youth programs that have grown exponentially. With the increased demand in the growing Jewish community, Devorah embarked on the mission to open a preschool using the Reggio Emilia philosophy combined with teaching Jewish values.
Devorah is also a licensed Somatic Trauma Healing Coach and a licensed Realtor.

With all of these talents and certifications under her belt, Devorah's passion is education– preceded only by her love for her family of seven children.
Mendel Friedman
Mendel was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He completed his advanced yeshiva studies in New York, Florida, and Brunoy, France. He has extensive experience in organizing and directing community programming, cultivated around the world in various yeshiva internships. Mendel is excited to bring the Solomon Leadership Program to the community.
Montreal Chapter
Rabbi Moshe Krasnanski
Rabbi Moshe Krasnanski founded Chabad of the Town 18 years ago, and has developed it to be one of the most dynamic Jewish centers in Montreal. Through his infectious energy and leadership, Chabad of the Town has become an educational and social hub. Rabbi Moshe places great emphasis on youth and developing their Jewish pride and leadership qualities, ensuring Jewish continuity with success.
Silvana Smejoff
Ms. Silvana Smejoff is known for connecting quickly with people, and her ability to work in multicultural and multi-functional environments. Silvana is friendly, welcoming, and passionate about every project she engages in. A Strategic Operations and Event Planning expert, her specialty is charity events and she has over 16 years of fundraising experience in the Jewish Community. She has managed fundraising projects of over $1 million and surpassed initial fundraising targets. She also has experience working in schools with children, youth, and families. She was born in Uruguay, and spent most of her life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently she resides in Montreal, Quebec.