Cheat Sheet

The Four Steps of Strategic Thinking Using the Critical D.I.R.T. Method

  1. CRITICAL DIALOGUE: Engaging with others, such as experts, advisors, and mentors, for their opinions.
  2. CRITICAL INQUIRY: Exploring all aspects of the challenge to get the fullest picture.
  3. CRITICAL REFLECTION: Reflecting on the results of the critical inquiry and understanding what is necessary for the situation.
  4. CRITICAL THINKING: Considering options and creating a Strategy to best advance the overarching goals and Vision.

The Four Fs of Poor Strategy

  1. FLUFF: Words that look or sound good, but are often meaningless and meant to impress.
  2. FAILURE: to face the actual challenge presented.
  3. FALSE FLAG STRATEGY: Mistaking goals for Strategy by making statements of desire instead of plans to overcome obstacles.
  4. FAULTY: Strategic objectives that are impractical and not possible to accomplish.

Good Strategy is a cohesive and focused response to a well-defined challenge. Good Strategy has four components, in this order:

  1. Diagnosis: Accurately identifying the challenge being faced, which you will then use to the form the…
  2. Guiding Policy: The Why—the decisive, Vision-centric approach to addressing the challenge. Once you have clarified that, you can come up with a…
  3. Coherent Action: Coordinated resources, policies, and actions to carry out the guiding policy. This action is executed using…
  4. Momentum: which the leader needs to maintain.