Curriculum and Homework

5-Point Scoring Scale

Your answers to the questions in each Pillar contribute to your overall experience in Solomon as it relates to your personal growth, your participation in the Mentor Hour, and your eligibility for special honors at the Graduation. The scale below represents our method of measuring your progress. We are looking to see that you made your best effort. Scores and comments by the grading team will be provided after each Pillar is completed.

0 points: No answers provided
1 point: Answers provided; answers do not reflect that material was reviewed by the Fellow or that effort was put into answering questions.
2 points: Answers provided; answers show some understanding of the material, some effort is shown in answering the questions.
3 points: Answer provided; answer shows understanding of most of the material, effort is shown in answering the questions.
4 points: Answers show thorough understanding of the material and thorough response to the questions.
5 points: Answers are thorough and insightful; they demonstrate self application of the concepts discussed in the material.


  1. Do the homework at a moderate pace, doing a little at the time each day. This will allow you to gain the most from the curriculum.
  2. Use the textbook to read the material: studies show information is retained better when read from paper rather than from on a screen.
  3. Use a highlighter and pen while you read to mark interesting passages and take notes. These will be very helpful during the Mentor Hour and when formulating your Final Essay.
  4. Fill in the prompts on the “Highlights” page at the end of each Pillar. These will also greatly aid you during the Mentor Hour and when writing your Short Answers and Final Essay for the Final Project.
  5. On the day of the session, take 15 minutes to review the materials and re-familiarize yourself with the curriculum.