How to be Persistent

Clarity of focus and direction is critical to being a leader with grit and Persistence. You will be faced with many distractions, interests, and pursuits that seem worthy to you as you lead and work with others. It is critical that you become adept at identifying and focusing on the most important issues, and letting go of the others. You have limited time and energy resources and you need to be intentional in how you choose to use them. The more your most important goals overlap each other and share a common theme, the clearer your focus, and the more successful you will be as a leader.

Another key to successful Persistence and grit is follow-through. Do you finish tasks completely? Learning to follow through on a goal or task to its conclusion requires and builds grit. It is transformative. It changes your perspective on how you engage with the world around you: it makes all things seem attainable.

Even the grittiest individual will need help from others sometimes, so find people that can help you when you need it. Parents, mentors, and teachers are all good starting points in developing that network of support as you develop grit and Persistence. *Your level of Persistence will also naturally increase as you get older. Life experiences, particularly during difficult times, tend to forge grit into us. New situations and circumstances force us to learn to have more grit to adapt and thrive in our work and our lives.