Mentors and Guest Speakers

Conduct During Guest Speaker Hour

Guest speakers are chosen for their unique experiences as they pertain to that session’s Pillar. Solomon gives you the opportunity to hear the speaker’s story in a very candid way and with a very intimate audience. Take advantage of this chance to make connections-Fellows have gotten internships and
other opportunities with guest speakers through Solomon.

  1. Open your binder and be ready to take notes on any quote that is inspiring or a question you may have.
  2. Show the speaker you are paying attention by directing your gaze towards him or her, sitting upright
    in your chair, and listening responsively through your facial expressions and body language.
  3. Never whisper to those around you, put your head down, or look at your phone during the speech.


Mentors volunteer their time and are wholly committed to the Program. They take personal time outside of the Program to review your answers and prepare for the session. Fellows are expected to show utmost respect for the Mentors.

  1. Open your binder when you sit down and turn your curriculum textbook to the appropriate page.
  2. Sit upright in your seat and display alert and interested body language. Do not turn away from the table to scan the room, continually check the time, or otherwise demonstrate that you would rather be somewhere else.
  3. Add to the discussion by explaining your thoughts and experiences related to the Pillar. Try to be forthcoming with what you have to say; your mentor and the other Fellows want to hear your ideas! This is much easier if you did your homework properly and reviewed the material for a few minutes before the session.
  4. Do not have sidebar conversations with other Fellows unless they pertain to the material and they fit into the context of the discussion