Another important aspect of Character is self-awareness and self-control. Leaders need to know how to lead others. This is accomplished through relationship building and development, and in how leaders act towards and treat others. Leaders do not lash out at others, or attempt to bully others through the use of power of position. When you see this, you see a weak leader who is lacking in self-development.

Critical reflection is also needed for any leader’s ongoing development. Everything we do as leaders needs to be reflected upon, to evaluate its effectiveness and to consider making changes in our behavior. This ongoing introspection, along with trials of various actions, help leaders develop and reach their potential.

Finally, self development is also about self discipline, particularly in the area of personal and professional development. Good leaders are continually learning and striving to grow and develop throughout their life’s journey. Good leaders care passionately, and this drives and fosters their ongoing desire to grow and develop. When leaders of Character make a point to work on themselves, they become better leaders for others.