Welcome Letter

Dear Fellow,

We are excited to welcome you to the Solomon Leadership Program! Current events constantly show us the true power of leadership, both good and bad. Watch any news cycle for a few minutes, and what you’re really seeing is a report on leadership: who turned to their inner strength, and who turned to their most base influences. You, as a future leader, have the power to be a good leader: ethical, effective, and compassionate. Consider this curriculum a guidebook to meeting this challenge. The world needs good leaders more than ever.

The Curriculum is a journey through Leadership that begins with the very essence of who you are, your Character and values. We then progress to your interpersonal skills, Tolerance and Communication. Next, the art and mechanics of galvanizing yourself and your followers, through the skills of Vision, Empowerment, Persistence, and Strategy. Finally, we reach Judgment, the culmination of all aspects of Leadership.

Our program is designed to get you thinking about important topics that you may never have considered before. To reap all the benefits of the Curriculum and Program, take a few minutes to think deeply about each article, and consider how it applies to you. Use your highlighter, write notes in the margins, and jot down your questions so you can bring them to the Mentor Hour discussion. In your curriculum answers, we are looking for depth and effort, which demonstrate your application of the program in yourself and your leadership.

We trust that your journey through leadership will be a success, and our staff and mentors are here to cheer you on and assist every step of the way. Do not hesitate to reach out for help with whatever you may need. We wish you a year full of accomplishment, new understanding, and good leadership.

Miriam Taylor – Educational Director

Sarah Dworcan – Executive Director